Recent events concerning Lee Zii Jia’s resignation from the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) and the subsequent decision by the BAM Council to not register him for international tournaments for two years, has had a profound impact not only on the badminton fraternity but on the people of Malaysia as well.

We are fully aware of the outpouring anger and frustration, and we truly understand the disappointment expressed towards the Association. This situation has been extremely challenging and has garnered attention from all parties, from politicians to international players. We appreciate all the comments, criticisms and overall feedback directed towards us. We will take note of the passionate sentiments expressed by our fellow Malaysians.

As a responsible national institution, we have an established set of processes and procedures that must be followed. The actions by the BAM Council were based on these official procedures with the information that was presented to them. However, it is important to note that this decision is not without avenues of appeal.

Within the history of our institution, all players have the right to appeal the decisions made by the Council and the BAM takes this appeal into full consideration thus acting accordingly. Hence, BAM can also confirm that we have received an appeal letter from Lee Zii Jia today. As the custodian of national badminton interest, we are looking into the matter with great urgency to find an amicable resolve.

BAM is here to protect not only the sport, but the players, values, and standards that best represent our beloved country.